Progressives VS. Liberals

I watched this video a few times over the past couple of months. For me, as a conservative, it’s enlightening. but as a skeptic, is it true? Well, from my immediate perspective, yes, because I find that those that claim to be “progressive” are a lot like what is described here. Your mileage may vary and I would appreciate any comments you might have whether you agree or disagree.

4 thoughts on “Progressives VS. Liberals

  1. I don’t agree with his analysis; as he says, progressive means “moving gradually”. The so-called progressives he doesn’t like are also authoritarian, and that’s what he (and I) really object to. I’d even probably call myself a progressive, in the sense that I think radical sweeping changes are probably a bad idea (most of the time, anyway), and favor a more gradual approach. But that doesn’t mean that we should keep changing more and more in one direction forever.


    • iirc, they adopted the name “progressive” as right-wing media had successfully slandered the term “liberal.” It hearkens back to the Progressives of a century ago, but does that movement an injustice.

      I coined the term “Proglodyte” to describe the present-day prog zealots.


  2. I agree with your analysis, but the so-called “progressives” we see today, at least the one’s I’ve been exposed to, seem to be of the authoritarian type. Any disagreement with the worldview of these people is wrong, no matter how well reasoned the disagreement has been worded. I always prefer a reasoned argument of ideas. I always seem to learn something from that type of discourse. Shutting people down because they disagree, no.


  3. I completely agree with the speaker in the video, except for his ‘prog = gradual’ assessment. I’m a liberal, with socialist leanings, but I am disgusted & alarmed by the growing fascism of the progressive left in America, manifested in their:
    * Enforcing conformity on a bloc of social issues;
    * Policing of words & thought;
    * Manichaean worldview of ‘Us: Good — Them: Evil’;
    * Attacks against the person (e.g. accusation of motivated by racism or hatred), not the position;
    * Identity politics creating a “war of all against all”;
    * Revolutionary urgency;
    * Cult of personality (guess who);
    * Acceptance of constitutional violations, so long as they promote their ends;
    * Calls for a one-party state (“if the tea-baggers would just get out of our way, we could fix this country!”)

    I can no longer ally myself with people who, though they may happen to share certain positions & goals as I, arrived at those positions not via logic, but rather dogma, and who seek to achieve their goals not via open debate & intellectual persuasion, rather by force.


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