Sharon Hill Wants to Quit. We Can’t Allow That

EMERGENCY! Yes, this is an emergency. Sharon Hill of Doubtful News, the premier skeptical blog on the net is considering quitting.

We as skeptics cannot allow this to happen. Yes, I know she has other priorities as a Professional, Wife and Parent. Do we want this blog to disappear? I don’t believe so and what I’m asking here is that all of you here take a moment and tweet her @idoubtit and then go to the website and make a one-time donation.

We don’t want to lose Sharon as one of the premier voices in skepticism.

Please make your voice known via Twitter or if you are able, a small donation to her website. I just made a $50 donation. If you can make even a $5 donation, do it now.

Do you really want to lose what Sharon contributes to the movement? I don’t think so, so let’s get out there and tweet her and donate as we are able.

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