For Edie, and My True Feminist Friends

Before I get started, I want to dedicate this post to someone I care a lot about. She’s Edie, you know her as @Ambrosiax on Twitter. I don’t think she’ll mind if I give her name away. I’ll tell you why.

For the last few years, women like Edie have been ranting against the stupidity of the progressive mantra: Women are fragile. We need to be careful what we say. She’s also been very vocal talking about “First World Problems”. This is where I come in to this conversation.

Some many years ago, there was an imperative to get food to a certain country in Africa. Let’s call it Eritrea. The U.S. as well as the U.N. (mainly the U.S.) were sending tons of food aid to that country, but little, if any was getting to the people. They were starving.

We were ordered in, by the President. Our orders were to make certain that food aid sent was received by the people of that country. That, for us meant we deal with any and all hijackers of those foodstuffs.

We did just that.

My memory of that time, for all you progressive, first worlder pieces of shit, is sitting in a village. Most of the people there were starving. I held a small child; a little girl in my arms and I was trying to feed her. She, as I expected, tossed on me couple of times because her tummy was unused to food.

As I sat there, with this child in my arms, trying to give her a spoon of food, she smiled at me. Me. It seemed to me that she was telling me that she was now safe. I wanted her to be safe. To be fed. To grow up.

In a few minutes, she wasn’t responsive. Yes, she was gone.

Twitter harassment? Facebook comments? You “progressives” make me sick to my stomach. You have a wonderful life. You live a life that this little one, that I held in my arms, will never see. You complain.

I’m sick of you. I won’t hear you anymore. I won’t advocate for you again.

4 thoughts on “For Edie, and My True Feminist Friends

  1. Well, I won’t take it back. I really believe that most that refer to themselves as progressive are just little people. Without any experience in the real world. If they had any, they’d be speaking, no ranting, differently.


  2. I am a progressive, and I agree with much of your critique of the social justice warriors. Much of their behavior is embarrassing, and I don’t think it can reasonably be equated with progressive politics or even with the social justice oriented goals many of us have.


    • It’s that certain people have a platform, conferences, etc. that they use to spew their vindictive message. It not only makes “true progressives” look bad, but all skeptics and atheists.


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