Secrecy is Okay, For Me

I’ve been waiting, waiting, and waiting and I still haven’t seen the results of the GSC/Benson “talk” that was supposed to happen this past Monday.

I wonder why? Did the conversation not occur? If it did, based on all of the hand waving and bashing of the GSC, all on her blog, suddenly there’s silence. think about it for a moment: 4 blog posts in a single day bashing the GSC. One of the blog posts announcing the upcoming “talk” with a list of demands as to what must transpire during the conversation.

You recall the demands. A personal apology for using an offensive diminutive when referring to her. Unblocking those minions of FtB that GSC blocked for, well pretty offensive tweets towards them. Finally, a guarantee not to be secretive.

The last one right now really makes me chuckle. I really didn’t expect the GSC to make a public statement, but I did expect one from this blogger. When you go to all the “trouble” to publicize your grievances, why not then let your public know if they were addressed?

Is secrecy something that’s now okay, as long as no one else is secretive?

Maybe the call never occurred. Or maybe the GSC told her, tactfully, to fuck off.

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