We’re Divorced. Move On.

I couldn’t pass this up.

Our friend Damion had the perfect response to one of my favorite Usual Suspects.

I don’t think anyone could be more succinct. Don’t like skeptics and skepticism? Want nothing to do with them anymore? Move on.

We actually don’t care what you think. It is like an ex-spouse that after the divorce is still criticizing. Hey! We’re divorced!

By the way, the marriage wasn’t that great to begin with and we don’t want you back.

2 thoughts on “We’re Divorced. Move On.

  1. While I agree in general with the point presented in the post above, I can’t agree with it being aimed at the specific target in this case. It was, afterall, Mr. Cavanaugh who took skeptical aim at P.Z. Expecting P.Z. to just take it on the chin and not respond is not a reasonable expectation. P.Z. had every right to fire back. Criticize, as you have, the content of his reply. But you go too far in expecting, even demanding that he shut up because he has chosen to divorce skepticism. If the divorced spouse, in this case in the form of Mr. Cavanaugh, makes insinuations of the kind Mr. Cavanaugh did, then you have the right to bark back.


    • My point is that everyone( that’s been watching for a while) knows what P.Z. thinks about skeptics. It really wasn’t until the majority of the community wouldn’t buy into “his” brand of feminism and especially the reaction to some of his friends after the laughably infamous “elevator gate” incident, that he decided to spit on a lot of those that helped him become “famous”.

      His 381 words about Matt’s piece sort of makes that case. Really. Almost a third of your post dedicate to what is it now? Oh yes! Demonstrating( poorly) that the skeptic community is chock full of sexists. Her’s become his own parody.

      Take out about 1250 words and the post is : Skeptics are sexists!


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