The New Face of Feminism?

Heard about this?

Pretty awful and I really can’t believe there are parents that actually allowed their daughters to participate in this video.

14 thoughts on “The New Face of Feminism?

  1. I laughed. Is that bad?

    IMO, the exploitative aspect isn’t the swearing, it’s that the kids appear to be parroting lines they’ve been fed by adults without checking out the facts for themselves. (Not that they’d have the ability to do so.)


    • It’s not bad to laugh, I did as well, what bothered me is using little girls. Is this the new face that we should accept? I don’t think so. This advertisement is nothing if not offensive.

      Would you be happy if you child participated in something similar?


  2. Oh sure, when girls act like that everybody thinks it’s ‘cute’ but if boys do, we get suspended.

    Seriously though, I agree; I don’t care about the swearing, I care about the brainless repetition of lousy arguments and false claims. And making kids say them because you’re afraid to say them yourselves and face the backlash, well, that’s just contemptible.


  3. “What bothered me is using little girls”

    Little girls as opposed to little boys? Or little girls as opposed to big girls or women? Or some other comparison group?


    “Would you be happy if you child participated in something similar?”

    No, but that’d be because he’d be parroting politically motivated lines that he hadn’t come up with or checked for himself. Sure, it’s wince-ifying to hear your kid swear, but as I’ve told my kid ever since he was little, “swear words” are just words. It’s useful to consider their effect on other people & the context in which you’re using them, but they are not inherently “bad” words.

    I may have been corrupted at a young age myself, however; my father taught me to swear, as he felt it was an important tool to have in one’s armamentarium. 😉


    • Never heard my father use caustic language until I was a teenager and even then it was only “damn” and “hell”. I was always taught that there is never a reason to use any abusive language. The fact is that I was taught that using “swear words” only made the person using them seem less intelligent.

      Have an argument to make against or for something? Use the language. Yes, they’re only words, but the words used do have an effect on the argument that is being made.


  4. Swear words, like all words, are just sounds that come out of your mouth, they’re no better or worse than any other sounds we make and people give them way too much power. That said though, in this video they’re only being used for effect, to shock people, they could have had the same video without them and told the same message. Beyond the language though, why anyone is impressed with a bunch of girls reading cue cards is beyond me. Clearly these girls have no clue what they’re talking about, they’re just having feminist words put into their mouths, they’re getting far more raped by feminism than anything a guy could do to them.


    • Although I agree that these are just words and in fact as you said, these little girls probably had no idea as to the message, it’s still an awful advertisement. Using children in this way is despicable.

      Of course on conservative websites, this has received a lot of “ink”. I haven’t seen any liberal or progressive sites condemn this advertisement.

      What does that say?


  5. I’m most offended by the outrageous lies repeated in this video:
    * “Pay Inequality”: women are paid 26% less than men … for the same fucking work!”

    Lie. When all factors are taken into consideration — # hours, non-salary compensation, industry, experience, etc. — only 1-2% difference remains, which is unexplained, not due to sex bias, but unexplained. In many industries, young women entering the workforce are receiving 120% what young men with equal qualifications;

    * “Rape & Violence: 1 out of every 5 women will be sexually assaulted or raped … by a man,”

    Lie. The 1-in-5 figure was derived from a single study marred by shoddy methodology, and still required heavy extrapolations & massaging to even approach the discredited 1-in-4 ‘Koss’ figure, which the study openly attempted to confirm. It simply is not corroborated by FBI & US DoJ data. Note also, how fast & loose SJWs play with statistics. With impressive cognitive dissonance, they also claim 1-in-5 for women while attending college.

    Also, gratuitous misandry adding “… by a man.” Kudos, radfem moms, for passing on to your daughters your fear & hatred of penis.

    The video is accurate in one respect. Feminists truly are whiny little children throwing temper tantrums.


  6. What about that poor little boy at the end? My offspring are male. Making them wear a pink princess dress AND showing the video to the world? That is insanely cruel. How could these despicable monsters publically humiliate this poor child? F-ing feminism comes before the well being of these children? Seriously, child protective services ought to investigate the emotional abuse captured on film. IT’s SO WRONG!


  7. “…they’re getting far more raped by feminism than anything a guy could do to them.”

    Even if meant as a joke or just a rhetorical device, this is an abominable thing to say, not to mention that it trivializes actual rape and the pain suffered by its victims.


  8. “Feminists truly are whiny little children throwing temper tantrums.”

    Is this not one of those sweeping generalizations that you criticize in others?


  9. It is fair to opine that these girls’ psyches have been unduly burdened by their parents dumping on them fears of exaggerated risk of sexual assault and anger over non-existent sexual discrimination. consequently, these girls will be maladjusted when they reach adulthood, and will create unnecessary conflict for themselves.

    Further, they are being trained to play the professional victim role, blaming outside entities & forces for any personal struggles, instead of learning to be assertive & confident and to take personal responsibility for their lives.


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