From #GamerGate to #RedditRevolt

So now it’s #RedditRevolt. Will it go the way of #GamerGate? I don’t know a lot about Reddit, in fact, I just created an account last evening. I thought before I wrote anything about this latest drama I should at least attempt to do a little research into the site and learn something about it.

In the last few days, I’ve seen others referring to Reddit as the Front Page of the Internet. It’s the goto site for all things anything according to some. I really wanted to know how many people actually use Reddit on a regular basis and I found the information right on Reddit itself.

Nearly 173 million unique views last month with over 3.6 million users logged into the site during that time. That’s a substantial user base. There are also 9746 active communities according to their stats. So, maybe it is the Front Page.

What’s all the turmoil about (for those of you, like me, who are not regular Redditors)? It’s about Reddit implementing a policy of anti-harassment policy which was adopted last month. Since then, Reddit has been removing what they consider offensive and harassing sub-reddits in order to make it possible to have authentic conversations. You can read the statement from Reddit management here.

What I noticed in the statement was the number of times the word harass or harassment was used: 5 times in a short 6 paragraph notification. What does this tell me? The SJW’s arrived and are infecting one of the most popular websites on the planet. It always begins with harassment. It’s the easiest way to silence speech they find offensive.

So what will redditors actually do to overturn the new policy? Will they abandon the site in droves, pushing down the revenue that Reddit receives from advertisements? Will they start a letter writing campaign to those advertisers about what they consider poor management policies?

Can redditors take advantage of the #RedditRevolt hashtag in the same way that #GamerGate did and create a large enough uproar to return to previous polices? It really is up to those that feel strongly about the changes. Time will tell.

My guess? This kerfuffle will blow over in a short time. There will be a lot of shouting and hand-waving and then people will decide it’s not worth their time. This isn’t GamerGate.

I might be wrong.

4 thoughts on “From #GamerGate to #RedditRevolt

  1. It will be interesting to see how this plays out. I’ve been using Reddit for some time but am now looking into alternatives to see what else is out there.


  2. “What does this tell me? The SJW’s arrived and are infecting one of the most popular websites on the planet.”

    A big huzzah for the SJW’s, if indeed they are the ones who should receive the credit. You point the finger at them on the slimmest of evidence. In fact, I’d say your evidence for this claim is nonexistent since you don’t actually provide any.


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