Sargon Interviews Baldwin: WTF Was That?

I have to say that in the universe that is YouTube, there are good videos and some that are just awful. I undertand I am not telling anyone that consumes YouTube content on a regular basis anything new. My statement here has nothing to do woth the political or social views of the creator(s) either. I’m strictly referring to content.

I noticed today a live stream on Sargon_of_Akkad’s channel with Adam Baldwin. I thought, this should be great; I’m very curious to hear Mr. Baldwin speak on all things GamerGate and social media in general.

What I heard was something that didn’t even come close to my expectations.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m a fan of Sargon. He regurlaly produces incredible content but today? I was wondering what the hell Adam Baldwin was doing on the stream. Really Was there a reason that Sargon asked Mr. Baldwin on for a live stream? It didn’t appear to be the case as the discussion rambled around various topics the entire time. It was frankly embarrassing. Of course, Mr. Baldwin was ever the accomodating guest even as Sargon stumbled from sentence to sentence.

The interview had to be a head scratcher for Mr. Baldwin though; Why was I invited here? I projected while listening. There clearly isn’t an answer to that question which raised in my mind how far in advance this stream was scheduled. I have to think that this interview was scheduled at least some time in advance. At least a day or two. And yes, because Sargon is very popularit was not a surprise for me to see Adam Baldwin accept an interview.

What did surprise me is how little Sargon now about anything Adam Baldwin. He was totally unaware of the current project he’s involved with and flatly stated that he had never heard of it. I thought, Holy crap! A 5 second search on Google would have provided that information! Utterly unprepared. He basically had no specific questions or topics to discuss so what in the world was the purpose of this interview? Seriously. You’re going to interview a Hollywood actor and the only crap you want to talk about is how worried you are for Americans because of their political system?

Frankly, I was astounded. The only thing I could think was that maybe Sargon was a little intimidated talking to a real celebrity, instead of just some self created e-celeb. That’s not really an excuse in my mind however; The entire stream had Sargon looking to be an embarrassing simpleton, which he clearly is not based on other content he’s produced.

Hopefully, next time, he’ll be a lot better prepared and not waste his guests’ or subscribers time with drivel like this.

11 thoughts on “Sargon Interviews Baldwin: WTF Was That?

    • I’m confused. How is it you would have or even could have humiliated your guest? Why would you want to have someone on just to humiliate them? You were clearly off form and couldn’t even make a cogent argument (that you started) supporting your own political positions. Weak sauce, my friend.


      • Okay, well there were a number of statements he made that I found…quite bizarre, and thought it best not to discuss as I couldn’t think of a polite or constructive way to address them.


      • Other than maybe missing the first minute of the stream, I didn’t find him being “quite bizzare” whatsoever. He seemed to be responding to you.


  1. I like Sargon, although he’s definitely “hit and miss”. Moments of brilliance, but it hurts every time I hear him push some tinfoil nonsense or struggle to pronounce a name. Or how, as a critic of feminism he apparently hasn’t heard of some very well known feminists.

    Adam Baldwin behaved like a charmless jackass, pretty much how he comes across on twitter. OMG, the internet is such sirious biznizz.


    • Also, Baldwin being a celeb means absolutely nothing. I am sick of this culture that promotes fame as if it means you have anything to contribute.


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