Another SJW Beggar

beggar1Hahaha. I’ve mentioned before about how the lazy SJW’s just can’t seem to want to either actually get a job, or hold one. The latest example is Ophelia Benson from Freethought Blogs.

It looks like she’s moving her blog to a new home after her self inflicted wounds recently and because she’s going to be losing “a little income” from the ad supported site, she’s started a Patreon.

It’s become their default. How dare anyone suggest any of them actually have to get a job like we little people. They’re way to important and their content is so necessary to the blogosphere, all of us that actually work for a living should donate to them to make sure we are informed and instructed.

I’m not totally against donating to support sites. In fact, I give a little bit every month to Doubtfulnews. The owner of that site, Sharon Hill, does not depend on that for income though. It’s to help with the maintenance of the site. Sharon actually has a full time day job like the rest of us.

In my opinion, these people are nothing more than shameful beggars and con artists and thoughtful people should avoid them like the plague.

2 thoughts on “Another SJW Beggar

  1. You gotta love these panhandling shitheads.

    I guess they’re all finding out just how much that ‘Women’s Studies’ degree is worth right about now.


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