Milo Yiannopoulos “Stirs Up Trouble”

I didn’t see this yesterday, and it goes to things I’ve been saying recently about SJW’s wanting to control speech. It’s really funny because it’s the typical Ophelia Benson post, mostly copy/paste with a few comments between paragraphs. This is what her fans will be paying for with their Patreon donations.

Yep, Milo is a bad boy. It can’t be because he’s male, conservative, and oh by the way, gay, can it? No, it’s offensive to her that Milo happens to hold a different view that what is deemed acceptable and that just shouldn’t be allowed. He should be banned from all television appearances!

The problem is, he’s on the right side of the facts. That’s completely irrelevant. He “stirs up trouble” (translation: he makes feminists look bad) and that’s reason for him silenced. Next thing? They’ll probably go after his job as well. Typical SJW tactic.

It’s inconceivable to the SJW’s that there might be people out there that would dare to challenge their narrative. And to be able to disagree on a television show where the reach may be substantial? No, no, no. That’s not allowed. Shut him down!

It’s sad really. Their argument is so poor that they cannot withstand any challenge. It’s easier for them to no-platform the challenger than confront the issues face to face.

No fear though. If you’ve followed Milo’s work, you know that he’s not intimidated by these dysfunctional warriors of the Internet.

2 thoughts on “Milo Yiannopoulos “Stirs Up Trouble”

  1. Liberals (and feminists in particular) have ZERO ability to debate simply because facts have no meaning for them. For them it’s all about teh feelz.

    Their only recourse is to threaten anyone who dares share a different opinion to them. And the fact that they are unable to see the staggering hypocrisy of this just proves that Liberalism should be considered a mental illness.


    • “Liberals (and feminists in particular) have ZERO ability to debate simply because facts have no meaning for them. For them it’s all about teh feelz.”

      Since you use no qualifier in this remark, are we to assume that you are claiming this is true of all liberals? If you are, this statement is most certainly wrong as is almost any statement that is a broad generalization about an entire class of people. I have no doubt there are many, many liberals who are quite skilled at using facts to refute many of the arguments you seem to think you have some exemplary ability to present with facts.


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