Are There Still Atheist Churches?

What ever happened to Atheist Churches? Remember a few years ago when atheists started having church on Sunday mornings? I wrote about this phenomena several years ago and at the time I thought it was silly.

I think this actually started in London, then moved to New York and of course, Los Angeles. There may have ben other cities in between but those are the ones I recall see press about.

But since the advent of these gatherings, some which occurred in actual churches, I haven’t seen anything about them. Did the idea become just too ridiculous for many that the ice died out?

I think all this did was reinforce for some that atheism is a religion. It’s not but have services on a Sunday morning did nothing to dissuade that idea.

Yes, its probably true that there are atheists that need the feeling of community that church provides. But there are other ways to meet atheists. For instance there’s a site called Meetup where anyone can sign up and look for atheist meetings in their area.

I know where I live these people get together for all sorts of activities from movie night, dinner, bowling, to having a speaker come in and discuss a topic of interest to atheists.

If an atheist is looking to become part of a group, to find community, there’s nothing better. The meetings I’ve been to have also been family friendly.

Let’s not give those that believe schism is a religion a reason for their assertions. We can still be a community, locally, without having to mimic Christianity.

One thought on “Are There Still Atheist Churches?

  1. Good question! I haven’t heard much about atheist churches in awhile either. My guess is that some of them are still around but probably mostly limited to larger cities (as I think that was where they were most likely to be found initially). My guess is that a big part of the appeal was due to having someone else do the organizing. Meetup could be great if there is already an active group in one’s area, but I’d guess that the idea of starting such a group on one’s own might be more than most people would want to take on.


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