What Are Christian Values?

I had a comment on a recent post about the decline in Christianity, specifically Christian Values, is a at least one of the causes for the number of mass shootings we’ve been experiencing here in America. The commenter basically asked what are those Christian Values. I actually could not name many to myself and the topic intrigued me so I thought I would do a little research.

I typed in a search asking just that question. Here’s just the first page of answers I discovered. Although a few of the ones I perused mainly agree with one another I found it interesting that there were more listed in some than in others. Is that important? I don’t really think so but I also don’t think that some of these are exclusive to Christians, although Christians will say that it is their Biblical values that have hoped society.

I thought I would take a look at just one of these articles to see if there was anything inn it that atheists, and just people in general (non-Christians) might agree with.

I personally think I can agree with numbers 2-10. These are not just Christian Values in my opinion, but human values that existed long before the advent of Christianity.

I do wonder how many Christians hold to these values. Certainly if asked they would claim they hold to number 1, but I think a lot of have seen that Christians are in general not any better than anyone else.

These values, in the main, I think are universal and Christians should understand that those of us that are not of their faith are not people that hold no values and that their belief does not make them special as to holding values as a human being.

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