Believing the Narrative (A Sarah Braasch Story)



Why do people seem to want to believe in something that, even on initial review, seems unbelievable at best? We see it all the time in the media. It’s first propagated online, somehow picked up by the media, and then it seems all hell breaks loose until it’s discovered what we’ve been told is completely false. Yet, even after the actual facts have come out, there are still those that will deny those obvious facts. How is it that media are fooled so often and then have to later offer a correction, or come back and just give a non-apology, apology?

Let me start with these two: Covington Catholic and Jussie Smollett. In the first story, it was shown within 48 hours that the narrative of those kids being racist, and intimidating, was completely false. Yet it took the Washington Post more than a month later, to acknowledge that they got the story wrong. Nick Sandman’s lawyer, L. Lynn Wood? Too little, too late. Good luck to them (not really). The Jussie Smollett case is even worse. Claiming that two Trump supporters assaulted him at 2 am outside a sandwich shop, a night that was well below freezing, when there were few if any people on the street, appeared at first to not be believable. But of course the media ran with the story because it was “Trump supporters” attacking a gay, black man.

The first question I had after reading about this was, how did they know he would be there? The second was why there would be people out in that weather, seeking an anti-Trump person to assault? The third, and yes there were many more than three for me initially, was why did it take him almost 45 minutes to report the assault? He actually went home, never said anything, even to the doorman at his building, and waited to report the assault.

Of course the Chicago Police Department investigated. We all know by now the outcome. But to their credit, the CPD placed two dozen Senior Detectives on the case, to solve it while other crimes, real crimes, went lagging. Even after the truth came out, there are still those that support Jussie’s version of the “incident”. In fact, he still stands by it even though his “attackers” were two friends of his, and admitted to police that it was staged.

And this leads me to (yep, you guessed correctly!) to The Strange Case of Sarah Braasch, which was my first post about her. I wrote subsequently about here and  here,. As I wrote in the first post, I had no idea who she was even though the incident at Yale, May 8, 2018, made national news.  I was skeptical at first until I started my own research. As I said in the initial post, I told Sarah that if I discovered any deception in her account, just something that she said that didn’t make sense to me, that I would drop her like a hot rock. Nothing I found, and to this point in time, makes me believe that anything she has said is untrue.

As I said in the beginning, I don’t know Sarah. The only contact we’ve had is over Twitter. But since that first post I’ve done what I consider my due diligence to try and discover the truth. It can’t be found in the New York Times, or the Washington Post, that wrote scathing accounts of the May 8 incident.  I said that in my opinion, the video presented of Sarah’s racism was heavily edited. It appeared so to me, a guy that has no expertise in video editing but it seemed clear to me that this short video only showed what the accuser wanted the media, and everyone else, to know. Sound familiar?

I did my own experiment with my iPhone and using free editing software for my Mac,  was able to reproduce a scenario similar to that which the media relied upon. Heavily. No one ever questioned the accuser. No one ever asked if the video presented was the full account of what happened. That’s journalistic malfeasance in my opinion. They were ready willing, and able to believe a white woman was a racist, without any other evidence other than what the accuser brought forward. There was no attempt to get the other side of the story because in their eyes, there could be no other side.

The media, it seems is always looking for accounts of racism. The notable stories I mentioned above however have been proven false. And yet there are those no matter what, still believe in a falsehood. In Sarah’s case, no one but a few of us bloggers have taken up her cause.  Of course she has as well and has a YouTube channel where she defends herself and gives details, in a seven part series, of what occured on May 8, 2018. I encourage all to go and view. Each part is short, so it’s not like anyone needs to sit through an hour or more at a time.

Of course there will be those, no matter the outcome, will believe the initial narrative perpetrated by her accuser and the media. But it seems to me that, at a minimum, those same media outlets that propagated the accusation would at a minimum watch her videos, and those that wrote disparaging accounts of her would contact Sarah for an interview. Sarah’s  right there  on Twitter, and doesn’t block anyone, so it would be simple for any of those media outlets to contact her and at least attempt to compare what they’ve been told by her accuser to what she says actually happened.

Let me end, sort of, with this question: Why would anyone go through all the effort to clear their name, uploading video after video on YouTube, if what they say could be easily disproved? By doing just that, Sarah has opened herself up. In her series, she names names, gives a compelling account that, if not true, I would think any aspiring reporter would salivate to go after to prove she’s a liar. To date, no one has.

Is this another case of defaming someone based on a false narrative? In my mind, yes. But I ask my readers to look at those stories published last year about her (Just Google “Sarah Braasch” to see them) and then listen to her account on her channel. Notice how much they don’t match up. Note also that every story takes the account from the accuser as true without ever attempting to contact Sarah.  Lazy journalism or pushing a narrative of Racism in America? Both?

Anyone, claiming to be a skeptic should be at a minimum, alarmed by this story. I would ask anyone that doesn’t believe what I’ve written, to do their own research and come to their own conclusion. I would hope that most people would listen to both sides and not make up their mind based on what is clear in my mind as an attempt to paint someone with the label of a racist with so little evidence.

I think it’s time for all of us to wake up, not take what we’re being told as true, and question the motivation not only of the accuser, but the media that unquestioningly reports what they want us to believe.

Now, I’m done.



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