Restoring Your Name ( A Sarah Braasch Story)




I wrote recently that I wouldn’t’ t be discussing Sarah Braasch anymore. I guess I lied. I’ve written several posts on her dilemma, being accused of racism at Yale University. I wrote initially that I didn’t know Sarah, never met her, and was introduced to her by an online friend, Gretchen, who told her I would be someone, a skeptic, that would be someone that would actually spend a little time to look into her situation. As you know, if you follow this blog, I did.

I’ve written several posts about her situation. They may be viewed, from first to latest, here, here, here, and here.  A lot of words isn’t it? I realize I don’t have the largest viewership for a blogger, but I was hoping that some may look at what I’ve written, go to her YouTube channel and more recently, her Website, to understand the terror, and yes I’m using that word on purpose, that she’s been through.

I’m not writing here though to argue again how Sarah’s been defamed, but to do something completely different. Sarah, although she is a lawyer herself, requires representation to pursue  defamation claims against those that have destroyed her life. Those same people have written, or broadcast allegations against her that would never stand up in a court of law.

I have a friend, a lawyer, I’ve known since high school. We’re not that close but she has become a regular reader of my blog and some weeks ago, reading what I’ve written concerning Sarah, called me. Of course I received the schooling of what she thought I had wrong, legally. More important was what she considered what I had described as being a clear violation of Sarah’s civil rights.

This post is not  to litigate Sarah’s cause; I’ve done that and if anyone doesn’t believe what I’ve written, explained, that’s okay. This post is for those that may actually believe what Sarah has written and produced on her YouTube channel. Sarahj needs representation. that representation would be to sue those that have defamed her. For Sarah to recover lost wages, including potential income.  I’m a conservative and am loathe to support these claims. They happen all the time, in my view, and most ar spurious.

What I asked my friend is if her firm would be willing to take Sarah’s case. “Of course!” was the response but there was that “but”. they’re too small to go pro bono and that they’d need a little  upfront as a retainer. I can understand that, there are a lot of law firms that will take certain cases without any money upfront for expenses, but there are only so many clients they are able to represent.

I asked her, If I were to send you $5,000 would you consider taking the case? Of course she said, yes. They’re a small law firm in Houston and taking a case like Sarah’s, and winning (which they would) would place them on the map. Sarah knows what I mean by this. You don’t have to have $500 an hour lawyers, just those that believe in you, and your case. It does, however take a little bit of money to begin with, and this is what I’m really writing about.

Sarah has a GofundMe asking for $12,000 to be able to secure representation to recover her name and reputation (yes, that means MONEY as well).  Let’s think about this together: $5,000 could get Sarah representation to take these pieces of crap to court. The University, the city, county, and state as well as those media that defamed her. Would it be worth $5 for all of us to help he get her case to court? Would any, reading this, deny anyone justice? Would any of you not ask for the same?

Can we just ask that justice be done? May we, ask that the same system we’’ve invested out lives in provide a moment, just a moment, for someone that’s been so horribly defamed, that’s lost her name and career to have that restored. Is that too much to ask?




One thought on “Restoring Your Name ( A Sarah Braasch Story)

  1. Of course you think calling the cops on napping black students is ok. If it was the other way around you would throw tantrums. Conservatives are evil.


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