Virus? What Virus?


A few weeks ago, everything in the news was abut the Wuhan virus. Today? Has anyone in the last few days read or viewed a single story about the pandemic? As America has started to re-open, people have become less, fearful of the contagion. The mood of the country has been more upbeat. Maybe, just maybe, we’re past the worst and people can move on with their lives. then, an awful murder occurred in Minneapolis and things have changed. All across the country, in every major city, tens of thousands of people have been out protesting, in large crowds, and these protests have devolved into looting and destruction.

A recent piece I read in The Spectator, said it best: End the lockdown. Stop the riots. The author is correct, if people are able to get out in the thousands across the country to riot, why can’t people go to a bar or swimming pool? Well, essentially, in the past few days, no matter where someone lives, the lockdown is essentially over. What does this mean for the pandemic? Right now, of course, anything would be speculation. It’s clear though that there are still cases in all of these cities, even though hospitalizations and deaths may be down, proportionally. The CDC has said that as many as 35% of infections are asymptomatic. So consider all of these people out, “protesting”. Some may be shedding virus to others and be completely unaware.

It’s something to consider. Those people go home, and spread it to family members or neighbors. Will this become phase 2 of the virus? I guess we’ll know if a couple of weeks if the numbers spike across the country – hospitalizations and deaths. But then, getting free Louis Vutton or booze, flat screen TV’s, or iPhones is worth the risk. It’s possible we may witness thousands of more deaths in the near future.

As I saw someone on Twitter comment earlier: Virus? What Virus?

2 thoughts on “Virus? What Virus?

  1. The virus is here with us, whether we are aware of it or not. That is the most probable reality. Life is here too and unless we start living as if we live in the 21st century and in a nation that is the economic engine of the world, we are going to shrivel up and fade away.

    We slowed the spread, flattened the curve, gave the medical world and its hospitals time to prepare for worst to possibly come, and have learned a bit more about the virus and will soon have a vaccine or so we hope.

    We have learned things about ourselves, too. Yet, some things never change. But…all in all, I think we did okay. It is not over, because life is not over and the fear of what can kill us and our children remains. And, plagues usually come from animals. What else is new?


    • I am just curious whether or not these “protests” will hurt the progress made in containing the virus? I guess we’ll know in a couple of weeks whether there is a significant spike in cases/hospitalizations/deaths.


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