Is The Election (Finally) Over?

Well, it appears, that Joe Biden has won the presidential election. I “appears” because it’s the media that have called the race. The media don;t get to decide who’s president. Donald Trump has not conceded and there are several challenges his campaign has filed concerning voter fraud and other tactics in a few states so until those have been ruled on in Biden’s favor or Trump actually concedes, we don’t have a President-Elect today. The media can claim victory as they choose but until the counts are completed (Georgia, in fact, is going through a recount) nothing is official.

I think what’s bothers me the most is the speculation from the Mainstream Media of how Trump (and his supporters) would react to losing. I actually heard some on NBC suggesting Trump may try and sabotage the transition. How would he do that? Well, that speculation went wild and it was so ridiculous that it’s really not worth mentioning here. What about his supporters? Are they now out in the streets destroying businesses , setting cars on fire? Not that I’ve seen so far. I think there will be great disappointment for some if what the media has called turns out to be the legal decision.

Of course, there will be those that claim Biden is #NotMyPresident and that his campaign cheated to gain the White House. Maybe with the Chinese. Sound familiar? It should if you were part of the Trump Resistance because those are the exact claims (sans China, you used “Russia”)to attempt to delegitimize a duly elected president. No way did Trump become legally elected, many said. Impossible. the Russians flipped votes for him because Trump’s a traitor and a puppet of Putin (members of Congress actually declared this to the public, without proof). there was a 22 month investigation into “Russia Collusion” in the 2016 election. The result? No collusion, but that didn’t stop those same members of Congress from claiming the opposite.

So if we can’t get him one way, we’ll get him another. We’ll impeach Trump based on the transcript of a call with the President of Ukraine where no one, not a single witness called, could testify to a quid pro quo. Oh, there were some that claimed there was, but none of those people were even on the call. Again, Trumps enemies did Impeach him 9like Bill Clinton in 1998) but the Senate did not convict.

So you go through 4 years of this and now the same media that were making the collusion claims, some pundits actually calling the president a traitor and accusing him of treason on TV (John Brennan) and you’re afraid of what Trump and his supporters may do or say? Put more succinctly on Twitter from Hannah Cox:
The media and leftist leaders would have a whole lot more credibility on the unlikelihood of the election being rigged if they hadn’t spent the past 4 years selling a conspiracy about Russia rigging the election in 2016. And that’s why it’s important to not be a hack, kids.

So I don’t think it’s right for the same people who for 4 years called the last election illegitimate to say anything about this one. I even heard some on TV say that Biden has a mandate. Seriously? It’s taken days for the media to decide who has won and that’s not certified by anyone yet.

So, before everyone starts celebrating, or crying, just wait a few more days until the court cases are resolved.

4 thoughts on “Is The Election (Finally) Over?

  1. There most certainly is no mandate! Take a look at the congressional elections; nearly the whole of the country is red. I could write that only the fringe sections of the country are blue, pink or light blue and that would be pretty accurate. The Left’s agenda has been repudiated by the near loss of the House, so I suspect that those moderate Dems will seek to return to a more moderate agenda, instead of the Marxist radical agendas of AOC aka, Sandy Cortez, and the Squad. I think the Senate is still undecided with GA’s run-off in Jan. 2021, but I could be mistaken.

    Still, the point being, that instead of most of the country wanting to go full ahead to Socialism, most of the country does not. It is a shame that MSM coverage of Trump did such an excellent job of tarring him with the trashiest of traits, such that no supporter could offset the haters opinions. It is also a shame that Republicans did not speak out against the obvious slander perpetrated by the MSM and others against Trump. I would have wished that they had wasted their breath, if that’s what they thought such action would be, rather than have them overtly appear to hope Trump fails. There were exceptions, but in general the Republicans in Congress failed to support the President in his bid for a second term, and phooey on them! And, take my idiot RINO governor (please) Larry Hogan announcing that he will vote for neither, because neither are fit for office. One of them is going to be, Larry! “Choose, but choose wisely.” Marxism or Constitutional Republic? Is that so difficult?

    And, no, the “mob scenes” of conservative Trump supporters I have heard about, were more like a group of people standing around waiting and/or kneeling in prayer. The “protesters” against Trump were burning, looting, screaming…you know, mob scene riots.

    Take a deep breath here… Wait until all is beyond any reasonable doubt before announcing a winner. If the country does not, if the MSM does not allow finalization of this process, if the Dems rush this business and if The Powers That Be force Trump to concede before all is settled, there will no longer be any sort of faith in our election process. Nor should there be.

    And…damn it all, fix the process to align under national standards of common sense that allow for state choice and different styles, but which prevent this mess from happening ever again.

    So…what kind of wine is anyone drinking tonight?

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  2. So, Jim, do you think that should sad/angry Trump supporters make signs that say “Not My President” will we have our homes and/or vehicles trashed? Do you think many conservatives would even do such a thing? Are we tired of playing nice and not causing trouble for the sake of national interests and the interests of our fellow citizens?


    • Notice not a single conservative is out trashing businesses or burning them. There are some very peaceful protests (like Maricopa County here in A) but that’s about it as far as I know. I don’t think we’ll see conservatives, en masse, declare #NotMyPresident although because of the actual documented shenanigans any would have a right to do so. I may be completely wrong here though. I know a lot of people that are very upset by what happened here in AZ, then PA and WI. Notice all 3 are no longer in the Biden column.


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