Democrat Wants To Expel Republicans

Well, it looks like that Democrats in the House of Representatives are going to attempt to expel Republican members that supported Donald Trumps effort to show that the election last November had a lot of irregularities. There were over one hundred Republicans that refused to vote to certify the election and there’s a Democrat representative, Cori Bush, who has introduced a resolution just for that purpose.

Here’s. link to the tweet. Here we go. We knew, of course, that the Democrats, if they won the election and control of the legislative branch, that there would be an attempt to stamp out any dissension in the public. Of course it makes sense that they would go after elected officials first because without them, the public have no. voice. This is tantamount to a coup of sorts. It is a move that is unfortunately tolerated by other Democrats and of course the left-wing media (that’s redundant, I think) will be absolutely giddy. Of course this means the Democrats won’t be getting anything else done for at least a year. With the new impeachment of Trump,. and then attempting to expel individual members (it would take 65 Republicans, voting with all of the Democrats, to accomplish a single expulsion) means there will be no help for main street America in anything that these same Democrats were elected to perform. No health care, no money for the vaccine rollout, no stimulus help for those without employment due to the pandemic. No, anything except hate and contempt for those that dare challenge their normal.

Of course, I’ll be surprised, some, if this actually goes anywhere. They need votes they will never get to expel a single member. It’s a fantasy and a waste of time for Congress. It also informs the public exactly what to expect from Democrats over the next eighteen months and of course, will probably damage their brand forever. But this is the world we live in now: conservatives are under attack from every corner of society right now and to some it appears to be deserved. I say, wait. Although it is conservatives under attack right now, before long, those same people kicking conservatives off social media, attacking them in the media, will come under closer scrutiny by their overlords and will become fodder as well because it will come down to how pure a person’s ideals are. We’ve seen this before in lesser venues with the far left.

Some years ago, a group of progressive atheists formed something they referred to as Atheism Plus. At first their was a cheer from many areas within atheism, some of us ( a lot actually) were skeptical of this new “movement”. I won;t go into too many details here. If you don’t remember it, do a search on “Atheism Plus” or even “A+” and read about it yourself. These people employed all sorts to tests to become one the privileged to be part of their new brand of atheism including speech. It became so ridiculous that on their website, they would attack one another for not using correct terminology or pronouns, or, well, it seemed to change daily, Needless to say that within a year, this new movement was dead and these people had no power to ban anyone from the Internet in general, or come to your home and arrest you. this is what the left today wants to do: isolate those dissenters and those not pure enough to be a part of their revolution.

Stay awake., Stay aware. Don’t allow these that despise our constitutional protections to fool you with their intentions. It’s all about power. Power over you and me. We’ve seen how that has unfolded during th pandemic. Now that these same people have control of Washington, they’re going to try to expand their authority into our lives.

4 thoughts on “Democrat Wants To Expel Republicans

  1. This is the political form of virtue signaling. It is pitiful and I hope that it fades away under its own silliness, much like the a+ thing did.


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  3. Cori Bush, who led and incited BLM riots that turned violent, embraces the fascist Left’s Rule #1: It’s Okay When We Do It.

    I have no doubt these Jacobins would expel their opponents if they could. But if nothing else, this dangerous rhetoric imposes a chilling effect on anyone even questioning whether the recent elections were fair. Those who still dare to speak out will simply be banned from the internet and social media.

    This drive toward totalitarianism will not end unless we the people put a stop to it. Just today, Sandy Cortez, America’s “Airhead Mussolini”, announced that Dems in Congress are “going to have to figure out how we rein in our media environment so that you can’t just spew disinformation, and misinformation. It’s one thing to have differentiating opinions but it’s another thing entirely to just say things that are false.” With ‘false’ = any disagreement with the official fascist Left line.

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