The Cost of Losing the Rational Edge

It’s kind of funny. Well, maybe not actually funny, but when I think about it, I chuckle a little. Have ypu ever heard a joke, maybe a funny scene from a television show or a movie that whenever it comes to mind, o matter where you are, you start laughing out loud and people around you believe you’ve finally gone mad and call an ambulance? Thats what I think about a lot of the propaganda coming out from the government concerning the vaccinated versus the unvaccinated.

Our president, and more so the media, have likened those that refuse to get the COVID vaccine nothing short of murderers for the rest. The rest being those that have been vaccinated. Now tell me if I’m wrong, but doesn’t being vaccinated mean you’re unlikely to contract severe disease and therefore have little or no chance of death? Then I saw this:

Yes, this was from an obituary. CNN, not to be left behind, drank the entire bowl of kool-aid with this one. DO they even understand that with this they are telling those that are skeptical about the vaccine that receiving the vaccine means nothing as to whether you luve or die? this is the kind of mixed messaging I’ve been referring to in recent posts.For some reason, the editor at CNN who let this be posted on their page thought this was perfectly logical. Joe Biden saying that the vaccinated must be protected from the unvaccinated (yes, he said that) screams loudly to those same people as well.

I recall reading, somewhere, months ago that the COVID survival rates, for all age groups, were above 99%. Now I find out, from Politifact that well, the data doesn’t really include COVID. So then it’s useless but the question remains if there is an accurate estimate of those tht have contracted the virus and died. Well, duh, of course there is. There’s the known number of those that have contrsacted COVID versus the number known to have died from COVID. that works out to be around 1.7% death rate when that article was written. All we can do is hope the CDC provides accurate information going forward, but as this virus has becme completely politicized, don’t expect that to occur any time soon.

What bother most people I know is the accusation of being a murderer by our own government Of course that’s no way to convince anyone to your side of any discussion because you have shut down the possibility of a discussion by making accusations. President Biden asks, ”What more do you need?”. that’s an easy one Mr. President: We need the truth, nothing more. It should be amazing to you that not only the 80 million unvaccinated but a large number that have been vccinated, don’t trust anything you or your minions say.

Maybe instead of blaming and trying to bully us, you should takr a look in the mirror.

15 thoughts on “The Cost of Losing the Rational Edge

  1. Well, people that require hospitalization for covid are around 99% unvaccinated, and 1% vaccinated.

    You don’t have to believe me. In fact, don’t. I urge you not to believe me. But my sister is a nurse practicioner at one of the top few schools of medicine in the US studying all things Covid. Fuck what the media is saying. You are basically saying that people like my sister, thousands of health care professionals around the world, are for some reason making shit up.

    Instead of relying on their knowledge garnered from over a decade of study, testing, peer review, data, intimate understanding of the reactions of chemicals you don’t even know the words of, compunded by a global outreach of such knowledgeable people around the globe in countries you have never visited nor give a shit about…. Somehow you have reached the conclusion that they are all liars.

    Literally every human on the planet that actually understands this shit is a liar, according to you.

    Yet, they miraculously are always right. If people do this, then this. If people do that, then that.

    You Literally blogged that people that did that did not experience this. No fucking shit. Who the fuck could have possibly known. Oh, yeah. Everyone.


      • Learn to read. I never said anything about believing doctors, I said the messaging was poor from the GOVERNMENT. Does it make sense that the President says “We need to protect the vaccinated from the unvaccinated”? Read that again. Why would the vaccinated need to be protected from the unvaccinated? Sure, no one has said you cannot get the virus even though you’re vaccinated but they have said, if you do get COVID after being vaccinated, it would be a milder form. IOW – not a threat of death. Also, that 99% in ICU’s are unvaccinated is from the GOVERNMENT and is TRUE on it’s face but what they are not telling you is that many people in ICU’s are NOT there for COVID. Vefore you drink the government kool-aid, talk to actual doctors in real hospitals that are dealing with this virus. I did.


      • Um, being vaccinated does not make you bullet proof. It makes you 99 times more likely to not get hospitalized, but not bullet proof. You literally just said as much.

        So yes, the Presidents comments make sense.


      • Just saw several of your comments went to spam. I think that’s due to making too many replies in a short time. I think.I need to check on it and if there’s a parameter I am able to change, I’ll do it. I did, however, approve the comments.


    • Actually, Fauci has admitted he is a liar. Early on he said masks would not make a difference. Then he said he only said that because he was afraid “The Great Unwashed” would rush out and hoard masks. By his own words, he will lie when it suits his purpose.
      Just recently it was revealed the USA funded the Wuhan research that resulted in Covid 19. Liars, incompetents or both?
      At first, they trotted out Obama urging people to get vaccinated. That is when I knew they were lying about who wasn’t getting the vaccine. Using Obama to urge those red neck Redneck Republicans?
      Now they are still saying it’s the whites that are anti vax. I have looked up the statistics and the exact opposite is true. The cite raw numbers when it suits their agenda and statistics when it suits their agenda.
      Carl Sagan warned people decades ago that scientists will lie for money.
      Fully vaccinated here and will soon get the booster.
      Consskep is correct, the government is not being truthful.


      • Dog fucker Bob! Intereting to see you on another blog.

        Conskep, if the fact that Calcutta Bob here agrees with you doesn’t demonstrate that you are engaging in heavy use of misinformation and logical fallacies, nothing will.


      • I don’t know who that person is and you’ll need to be explicit as to what logical fallacies I’m employing. Like your Appeal to Authority.Also, 99% hospitalized does not mean you are 99x less likely to be hospitalized if you’re vaccinated. That’s a lie they’ve been telling for months now and hospital administrators all over the country debunk. Where I live, our hospital has 30 ICU beds (smallish city) and before the “spike”, 14 were already occupied. Now, with the Delta variant, 23 are occupied and no one is saying that those new beds occupied are from unvaccinated.

        Also, there’s anew variant out there. Heard about that? CDC is intimating that the current vaccine may be useless for that variant. “May be” is the critical phrase.


      • Okay, how about the logical fallacy you just used. Personal credulity. Not every hospital everywhere has a slammed ICU full of covid patients. Just a lot of them. That you personally haven’t experienced it means nothing.

        The Appeal to Authority fallacy does not apply if the person is an actual authority or expert in the field they are advising on. A welder is an authority on welding, and you should take their advice over a non-welder. Take the advice of a pilot over someone that has never flown in matters of piloting aircraft. You should definitely strongly consider the advice of alligator wranglers if you are near an alligator. An NFL football coach is an extremely good resource if yit are discussing football strategy, and should be taken over someone that has never really watched the game. And similarly, a medical doctor, and most especially an immunologist, should be listened to when discussing immunizations.

        But if you reference what an immunologist said about welding, THEN you are using the logical fallacy “appeal to authority.”

        Which is what you have done dozens of times already.


      • Oh, “that person” is a complete troll from India that has about as much brains as an ant. I say “name one withness to the life of Jesus”, and he goes on a gigantic rant about how science has proven that atheists are stupidderest and…. well, lots of just mumbo jumbo. Maybe he will grace us with some examples here.


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