It’s Not About Being Anti-Anything

I don’t lnow if I’m incoherent or people that I know only hear what they want to hear. I’ve been remonstrated with again for being anti-vax and anti-mask concerning the now dying pandemic. Oh, and that whole dying thing? Yeah, because of the other two above, I am somehow responsible for people, not just in my community, but around the world!, dying from COVID.

So, one more time. I not not against vaccinations period. I am not anti-mask either. I have concerns about the way the COVID vaccine has been rolled out as a one sie fits all type of program rather than how the rollout was originally discussed as to ensuring those that were most likely for a bad outcome from the cirus receive the vaccination first, Those would be the elderly (people over 65 years old) beginning with those that have diagnosed co-morbidities (weight, asthma, heart condition, etc.). I would then look at those 45 and above, with co-morbidities. Then the next younger group. I would never compel anyone in any age group to become vaccinated if they felt uncomfortable with receiving it for any reason, including that they just don’t want to receive the vaccination.

I believe if the rollout had been completed as above, there would be a better outcome for those that are most vulnerable. When the government tells the people it is supposed to responsibly represent that they must receive the vaccine, it’s easy to understand why those same people would give their government the finger. If you are in that healthy demographic, under 45 years old with no co-morbidities, then being COVID vaccinated should have always been a choice. If you’re in that demographic and still want to be vaccinated, fine.All of this should also be profession neutral. What’s that? Last year, and into this year, thousands of health care workers have lost their jobs because they have refused to ”get the jab”.

Think about that. These same people were heralded as heroes the year before, as they treated those infected with COVID, some in awful conditions, with no vaccine or even agreed upon treatments available, being tossed aside without even a thank you for what you have done. Many caught and survived the virus (you know, the one with an average 99.5% survival rate) and don’t believe they need to be vaccinated upon their acquired immunity. Then there’s natural immunity. Again, the government uses a one size fits all rule never taking into consideration that there may be people walking around that have no actual need to be vaccinated .

Of course, I’ve always thought the idea f masks was an overreach. I wish I had a business that could’ve easily retooled to throw out thousands of those useless (yes useless) cloth masks (they’re washable!). I probably would have made at least a million dollars in less than a year.And how does a ”copper infused” cloth mask stop COVID vetter than a plain cloth mask? Can you say, placebo effect? There has never been any evidence that mask wearing prevents the transmission of any respiratory virus. Sure, it may prevent you from spraying another person of you sneeze or cough, but how about normal respiration (breathing)? So, I bought a few boxes of paper masks as well as some cloth (they’re washable!) masks as well. Yes, I wore a mask where required, If a business had a ”must” wear a mask upon entry, I did. Otherwise no.

I asked a friend, a local business owner why he required his patrons to wear a mask upon entry. He told me it was mainly legal. Legal im that if he didn’t have the requirement then someone that caught the virus might sue him. I asked him how that person would know they caught the virus in his shop, mask or not? No real response because there’s absolutely no way to know for sure where a person contracted the virus based on when a person becomes contagious. The same friend also had a p;astic divider installed acorss the counter to prevent (I guess) transmission. The problem with that? It dodn’t go all the way up to the ceiling to any virus in the room could easily get from the customer side to the employees and vice-versa.

To me, the entire enterprise was nothing more than panic and that panic was driven by none other than our friendly neighborhood government. No need for masks, they told us in March of 2020, then a couple of weeks later, running around with their hair on fire, screaming masks on everyone! No ”science” to back any of this up and in fact, every study of respiratory disease to that date showed that wearing masks provided little to no protection from the disease. In other words: mostly useless, a waste of money and only an inconvenience. Or as a good friend tells me: A way for the government to control our behavior. It’s worked, until very recently. It’s never worked, well very much when there have been children involved.

That includes vaccinations by the way. There has never been any indication that children were more vulnerable to the COVID virus than others. In fact, the evidence is just the opposite. Yet, we tragically have imposed our stupidity on these children who have never been in danger to either contract or transmit the disease. Yes, stupid. Not to mention all of the psychological damage we’ve done to them over the last two years through lack of social contact (school) and with that the loss of education itself as many school districts (most) were completely unprepared to hold classes remotely. In fact in some areas, as many as 40% of those in remote learning situations, did not show up for ”class”. Imagine the reaction of there were 40% absenteeism in attended classes at your local elementary, middle, or high school? Would you be pounding on the doors at the school asking what is going on? Yet this was a ”common occurrence” according to some at the hight of the pandemic. Of course I’ve left out the number of suicides (yes, by kids), suicide attempts, drug overdoses, loss of self control (fighting, disobedient) and other behaviors I can’t recall right now.

Experts have said it will take years to recover from this and of course there will be a lot of children that will never be able to recover. I heard a ”talking head” on television today talking about his two kids, ages 6 and 8. Neither knows a day of school without having to wear a mask. Think about that. they’ve never seen the faces of their teachers and have never been seen by their teachers. the same goes for the school mates. Tell me again how masks are going to save lives?

We’ve become more skeptical over the last two years and that’s good that we’re no longer taking the word of any government official, elected or unelected , as gospel. There may have been a reason initially, but when, in June 2020, more than 1,000 virologists and epidemiologists told people that were out rioting burning and looting (a murder here and there), that it was okay for them to do that, it would not cause a ”super-spreader” event (but attending a concert, a sporting event, or just protesting the lockdown would) is when I told myself I was done with these idiots because apparently the virus only attacked those not rioting and killing for social justice.

It’s taken us too long to begin taking back our lives. I hope we will not develop ”short memory syndrome”, if we ever have another event like this one.

2 thoughts on “It’s Not About Being Anti-Anything

  1. Sorry I disagree the elderly should go first! At 81 and obese with 2 comorbidities I did not take the jab which was touted to be 95% effective whereas natural immunity was for my age group 95.5% effective. The jab would never have been better for me even if it HAD lived up to its hype. Yes I had covid and now have a lasting and robust immunity!.

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  2. I’m pro-vax: measles, chicken pox, rabies, tetanus, West Nile, Eastern & Western Encephalitis, you name it. I’ve personally administered hundreds (albeit to horses.)

    The jab is not a real vaccine — it’s an experimental mRNA therapy. And there’s a reason they’ve been experimenting with mRNA treatments for thirty years and never got it right.

    It was never about ‘the science’, always about control.

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