A Recovering Psychotic

Since I left christianity, I have wondered at times if I did not in fact recover from some sort of psychosis. No, really, do these people of faith demonstrate any of the symptoms of being psychotic? A psychosis, if I understand correctly, doesn’t necessarily make a person violent or dangerous. These people might be referred to as deranged or demented as well as insane or mad. What are some of the symptoms? False beliefs, aka delusions, hallucinations ( seeing Jesus in everything. Appearances of Mary.), nonsense speech (speaking in tongues?). Inappropriate behavior is another symptom. think of those Christians you know and see if anyone fits that one as well. I knew a couple. But like many others, I didn’t get help because I didn’t need it. I just needed to realize how damaging this was to me.

One thought on “A Recovering Psychotic

  1. This can also be tricky because it can take time to discover the extent of the harm. I was aware of some of it at the time (even as a Christian), but some of it took me several years to realize.


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