Atheism Doesn’t Cause A Vacuum

I’ve been watching, the last few minutes, a video by a guy named Benjamin Boyce who it seemed had a lot to say about Sam Harris and his interview on some show called “Triggernometry”, or something like that. Boyce criticizes Harris for his blunder and the Hunter Biden laptop and dead bodies of children. Good enough and maybe that’s where he should have stopped because he then went on to describe Harris as a atheist (okay) but then decided that atheists who gave up one belief(god) were searching for another and would fall into, get this: neo-marxism and “wokeness”. Now I can smile at that because a decade ago, some “atheists indeed tried to pair up atheism and “social justice” (wokeness). Suffice to say not. only did they fail, they began to eat their own. My question for Benjamin is why do people like him ascribe other intentions to those of us that have come to the conclusion that god(s) don’t exist?

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