Trump is More Popular WIth GOP Voters

I haven’t commented much about the trump raid a few weeks ago.I mean, it’s been 24×7 Trump all the time on all the news channels. I’m sure CNN and MSNBC are loving it because it was four years of Trump that kept them in business. note, their viewership fell off significantly post Trump. Well, now theres a controversy about documents that belong to the National Archives and an FBI raid on his estate in Florida. Or is it nuclear secrets? When the DOJ figures it out, I giess we’ll know. One outcome of thois raid however is that Trump has become more popular with republican voters. In June he was at 53% of voters who said they’d vote for him in a primary. today, it’s 58%. These voters know what most everyone else did: This raid was purely political because keeping documents is not a felony. Another Garland fail.

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