We All Worry About Something

When I find someone that informs me that they never worry about anything, I respond: Seriously? You don’t worry about your kids or spouse, or your job, any of your bills? What about taxes? Umm, death? That last one usually gets the persons attention even if they’re religious. If you’re a good Christian, Muslim, Hindu, Buddhist, Jew, what do you have to worry about? What they have to worry about is wearing the label on their sleeve and not living the precepts that any of these were built upon. I know lots of people that call themselves “Christian” that, in life, are far from the kind of person described in the New Testament worthy to enter heaven. Not even atheists are free from that fear, in my experience. Even though death, from our perspective is nothing more than going to sleep and never waking up.

One thought on “We All Worry About Something

  1. Of course we all worry. It would be nice to have a on/off switch for the mind, sometimes! I like what mark Twisn said: “Worrying is like paying for a debt that you don’t owe.” Cheers. GROG


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