Atheism Isn’t a Fad

I still have people I know that tell me that being an atheist is a fad or it’s something I will eventually get over it. I no longer really respond because it doesn’t seem to matter what I say. These people are going to believe what they want. I think they live in a fantasy world where what they believe actualizes in reality. The bad news for them is that it doesn’t and never has. So in case you know an atheist or few and believe this is something they will eventually get over, here’s a post I wrote a few years ago that may be helpful and dispel those ideas that atheism is a fad or something else that those you know will eventually move past.

One thought on “Atheism Isn’t a Fad

  1. Someone (George Carlin, R.Dawkins, Sam.Harris, ???) once said “I just believe in one less God than you do” and then went on to list all the Gods of the Romans, Greeks, Aztecs, etc). Putting it that way kinda turns the argument around and lightly implies religions may be the things that are “fads” without saying it out right.


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