You’re a Fascist if You’re MAGA

Remember that guy? You know, ran for president in 2020, promising to be different than Trump, promising to unite the country. Oh, yeah, that was Joe Biden and he actually won the election from his basement. But here’s the news, he’s not a uniter, In fact, he’s said that Republicans are anti-democratic and that the MAGA philosophy (you know, populism?), is semi-fascist. Yes, he just referred to more than 70 million voters as fascists. this, I think is his “deplorable” moment which is going to help energize some Republicans to get out and vote this November. The other recent issue is college loan forgiveness, It’s “only $10K”, but even some democrats, those whose seats may be in jeopardy this fall, are calling this a bad move, even illegal. But none of this trumps inflation, gas prices, crime, education, and all of the other debacles that have occurred under Biden’s watch.

UPDATE: I think this article tells us a lot more of what democrats think of their opposition.

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