Joe Rogan Riles the Left

I think I need to begin listening to Joe Rogan’s podcast. Not that I haven’t ever listened, it’s just rare for me because his ‘casts are really long – three hours sometimes. But he makes news a lot of the time as in this recent podcast where he calls former Biden Press Secretary a propagandist and then at the end of that statement that she lied, a lot. I didn’t see this, at least on Twitter (I have better things to do than monitor Twitter all day) but according to the linked article, liberals were not happy with his assessment and were all over social media letting him know. As if he cared. What probably made those same people even angrier was that he praised Kayleigh McEnany, who was Trump’s last Press Secretary referring to her as a “fucking assassin”. It’s strange to me that some expect Rogan to regurgitate liberal/progressive talking points and if he strays from the path, they’re all over him, but he didn’t become the podcast star he is by being someone else’s mouthpiece. He did by being himself.

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