Sorry, But Good News is at a Premium

I think if I had any empathy at all, I’d be depressed. Why? Look at all the negative news I post. I do look for interesting things to blog about that are not politics, crime, war, and the worst of all. – climate change. But stories of bravery and self sacrifice are rare these days because they no longer constitutes news to any of the media. Those stories probably exist, and maybe I am not trying hard enough to find them. Let me be hinest: there’s little to comment on good news. World class bloggers (of which I am not ) spend most of their time trying to right wrongs within society, always pointing out the seamier side of life. So I try to throw a few topics in that interest me beyond what is actually going on around the world but as I have learned from my viewer statistics, they don’t interest my readership much, if at all. Like this post.

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