Conservatives/Liberals Flip on FBI

Conservatives, once stalwarts of support for the FBI, now consider the agency nothing more than Joe Biden’s personal Gestapo, by 53%. Not the entire FBI though, just a group of thugs at the top level that have become politicized. This is from a survey of likely voters by Rasmussen. The same surbey, last December, had conservative lack of trust of the FBI at 46%. I wonder what’s occurred in the meantime? What’s really interesting is the same survey of democrats and libersls. Democrats support the FBI by a whopping 75%. Liberals are even higher in their support – 81%. I can remember when democrats/liberals despised the FBI but they seem to be okay with a personal Gestapo for Joe Biden. Of course, once these same come for them (their leadership), I am certain those numbers will begin to turn around.

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