Sorry Biden, It’s Democrats That Side with the Mob

At a “rally” in Pennsylvania, president Biden used his time to attack conservatives and Republicans. In one instance he told Republicans that they were either with the mob or the police. Seriously. This is the guy that as candidate for president never called out the thugs that were assaulting, murdering, robbing and burning cities in the summer of 2020. In fact, his vice presidential pick, Kamala Harris, along with others, put together a bail fund for those murderers and arsonists that happen to get arrested. Biden actually was for defunding the police before he was against it. He said (paraphrase) that he was for “redirecting” some of the funding police currently receive. Imagine, the party that recently supported riots and yes, insuurection (government buildings being attacked, attempting to burn them down), now wants to gaslight the rest of us into believing that no, no, no, it’s the Republicans that are anti law and order.

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