Yes, The Train-is-a-Comin

I think I understand why all of these attacks on Republicans and just regular people. Maybe you supported Trump and MAGA, now the Democrats have made that an epithet and a reason to not vote Republican in the upcoming midterm elections. Is it possible for these moments of disparaging average Americans, half of whom did vote for Trump in 2020 will pay dividends for the Democratic party this November? Anything is possible of course but remembering Hillary Clinton’s “Basket of Deplorable’s” moment, I think all Biden and his surrogates have done is energize the opposition for the upcoming election. Remember, Joe Biiden didn’t win the 2020 election by a landslide. In my state, Biden won by a little more than 10,000 votes, .3% out of a total of 3,387,326. Many more, what are known as “swing states” voted similarly. Attacking the middle and working class of the country doesn’t help with that final vote count in November.

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