Want to be a Sanctuary City? Here’s Your Illegals.

You voted her in Chicago. If you haven’t determined how dumb your mayor us yet, look no further than here.Yes, Lori Lightfppt has called governor Greg Abbott of Texas, “racist” for shipping illegals, by bus, to her lovely sanctuary city. Notice also, she blames the Trump administration. Seriously? Does this woman not know the current president is Joe Biden? Yes, Chicago, you voted for a moron. So far, around 100 men.women, and children have arrived with more on their way as they are to New York City, and Washington D.C. It’s a fraction (about 9K) of those crossing the Texas border (almost 650K since May) that are arriving in these cities but it’s enough to get their attention and that of the rest of the country. We can call what Gov. Abbott is doing a stunt but it seems to be working. Arizona joined Texas in May as well and although has not transported as many, their numbers are increasing. If it takes painful economic decisions for these. cities, good. It’s a very. small amount of pain compared to what they have essentially ignored for years.

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