Competence and Common Sense

I’m a geat believer in people having their say, even if I happen to dislike what is being said. Most recent example is the speech by president Biden, clocked in darkness., with red lighting on the building, highlighting the president. It was an awful, insulting, speech beneath the dignity of the office of the president in my opinion, but he said what he said and that’s that. We get it, you hate Trump and all of your problems are his fault. Move along now.

Even people that worked for the Trump administration couldn’t wait for those multi-million dollar book deals to trash Trump after their exist from the administration. General “Mad Dog” Mattis comes to mind first. Why? Trump went a long way ro be able to even appoint him as Secretary of Defense. Mattis had only been retired from the Marine Corps for two years when Trump wanted to appoint him by law, a former service member has to be out of uniform for seven years unless Congress intervenes. Congress did and Mattis became the Defense Secretary. I, personally, couldn’t have been happier because here was a real warrior in charge, not just some bureaucrat, and he’d be a better steward of out men and women in uniform, not wasting them on misadventures that gain nothing and cost our greatest treasure of all.

Trump, of course, campaigned on staying out of unnecessary conflicts and especially winding down America’s longest war in Afghanistan. I cannot imagine there was anyone in America, or the remainder of the world, that was unaware of Trumps stand on using military might. I would think that during his vetting, speaking with Trump especially, tht Mattis would know what the policy would be going forward. Mattis is far from stupid and the question today is why would anyone accept a position where there was no agreement on basic policy matters? But he did accept the position and I can only guess when he was unable to move the president, from his position us when he resigned then went on to of course trash. his former boss.

Trumps biggest failure as president was not realizing that most of the people best qualified for some of the top positions in his administration were Establishment Republicans and not of those that actually elected him president. These people, like Mattis, were satisfied with the status quo of the Military Industrial Complex knowing that conflict fueled it to tthe point that $800 billion is spent on defense alone in the U.S. more money than many countries entire budgets or GDP. As long as there’s an adversary to point to (for decades it was the old Soviet Union. Today? China) then that number will continue to increase. China’s defense budget for 2022? $229 bullion. With our huge budget we can’t build either ships nor aircraft, and almost can’t supply our solders (1.3 million – China has over 2 million in uniform).

With all of domestic issues currently plaguing us, we need a government to focus on those, discarding their pie-in-the-sky ideals and more than that, to keep us out of unnecessary conflicts. Trump was the first president in a very long time to not actually begin a war or become involved in an existing conflict. The times are ripe, now however, for the current administration to attempt to take the attention off their failures by putting troops on the ground somewhere. My guess? Ukraine. Biden already gave it away during a trip to Eastern Europe earlier this year while speaking to soldiers. It’s known as “Wagging the Dog”.

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