Which Party Encourages Violence?

Anyone see the aftermath of Biden’s speech last week? Thousands of people with torches and pitchforks, headed for the White House, burning buildings and killing innocent bystanders as they made their way? Me either. Yet Jpe Biden considerd his opposition violent extremists that want nothing more than to cause chaos. These people must be stopped! Don’t you know there’s a war and the speech was a wartime speech meant to energize the loyalists? While many in the media double down on stupid, the loyalists in the street are taking a powder. How easy will it be to show who the real insurrectionists are simply because the media captured the mostly peaceful protests of 2020. Great campaign stuff, no? That video interspersed with Biden backdropped at Nuremberg – I mean Independence Hall – will be great campaign fodder for Congressional candidates. With that as well as everything Joe has attempted to destroy the American economy, should give Republicans at least one chamber of government.

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