A Dearth of Atheist Blogging

I think blogging is dying out. Blogging about atheism and skepticism, that is.There used to be aplethota of bloggers around, just like CD’s for music or DVD’s for movies, some people will always prefer this format rather than video blogging, Instagram, even TiKTok and that seems to be dying off as well imasfar as talking about these two important topics. Atheism is not very difficult to discuss because all it requires is a non-belief in god(s) and every atheist I’ve ever known have all kinds of personal stories they xould relate that would be helpful to others that may be on the fence as far as their belief goes. Skeptic blogging is just as easy because all anyone need do is pay attention to the world, daily. Eventually, blogging may ramp up but them there’s always another technology that may come along where we will never see this format again.

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