Atheists Going to Church?

When I wrote about the lack of atheist blogging, oe what seems like a lack of blogging anymore, I begn thinking about some of the past topics that were big news for a while. Ehen I say big news, I mean it not only made large metro newspapers but local and national news as well. Whatever haooened to Atheist Churches? Remember those? It was a way for atheists to congregate together and have some feeling of community. There was singing and even something like a sermon, but these had nothing to do with soul saving, or any resurrection. They were more like Ted talks from what I read and was told.I think. they were around for at least a couple of years. Heck, they may still be operating somewhere and I just don’t hear about them anymore. I diod have a problem with atheists mimicking Christians. Of course the reason given was that many atheists come from a Christian heritage and church is one way to make people be together like a Christian congregation. Where there’s an attempt at good, there’s the. opposite because some people left their belief due to abuse therein. I just really thought these were unnecessary and of course atheists we mocked by those same Christians saying that atheism was nothing more than another religion.

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