The Other Side of Belief

I’ve never really cared what people believe with two obvious caveats: 1) The belief doesn’t cause physical harm to other people and 2) No coercion occurs in trying to convince others of the validity of that belief. I guess that pretty much scratches at least the top two religions on this planet because in the not too distant past both have been guilty of both caveats. In fact, it’s more and more likely these occur daily, sometimes in our own neighborhoods, and yes, there are times when it’s known but no one will bother to even raise their voice to object. Breaking with one of these is apostasy and in more than a dozen countries is punishable by death. The death doesn’t necessarily have to be a legal judgement as there have been those killed, the murderers known, and no prosecution for those killers. No one owns any high ground because there isn’t any, anywhere. Don’t make the mistake of thinking that there’s one relifion netter than another. It’s a fools errand.

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