The Schism that Became a Debacle

A long time ago, at least it seems like that, there was this fracture of sorts among atheists. There was a group of some (semi)prominent atheists that believed that atheism would probably be better if we could be less one dimensional and worked to improve society beyond expelling religion from government and schools and. taking on a more human role. In fact, that’s pretty much what they wanted: a form of humanism mixed with raw atheism to become? Atheism Plus. There were plenty of people, mstly young, and sycophants of a few of these people that ran toward this “new atheism” faster than shoppers on Black Friday. How did I ascertain that these were mostly young people? The way they acted. What this really was though was a way for these special atheists to make money from all of the A+ shirts and pins and caps they were going to sell. No kidding. that was the actual plan: a privileged few were going into business by conning a bunch of young people into believing in a crap idea.Just to keep this short for now, this idea failed pitifully and because of the way it was administered (mainly by many of those young people). If you wanted to be part of A+ you had to be subservient in speech and action.. As it grew, and for a while it did, it became more and more onerous where they were eating each other. Camelot, or what ever they envisioned, was over.

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