Changing the Subject Won’t Help

I just read a headline that went something like this: Democrats want the mid—terns to be about Trump, npt bungling Joe Biden.I didn’t need to read the article, although I will, because the headline itself says enough to know what the strategy is and has been. It makes perfect sense, although it will be a failure. Everything is about Trump leading into the election and Joe Biden can’t make a speech at all without mentioning “MAGA Republicans”, even though he refuses to define who those people are. Somehow, their internal polling must be telling them that this is a good strategy to use and that may be true to drive the base to the voting booth, but do any of them really take into account independents? National polls show that Biden is way. underwater with those voters so I would guess not. What they are also doing, by insulting republican voters is energizing their base which places the overall election in doubt no matter what side of the aisle anyone is on.

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