Religious Revisionism is Not New

A recebt conversation I had, with a Christian pastor was actually enlightening to me simply because everything I was taught about the New Testament(well, a lot of it anyway) seems to have gone by the wayside in current pastoral teaching. At least it had for him. I’m not claiming that he’s teaching a different gospel as Paul had warned of in his epistle to the Galatians, but I think there is a certain school that may be reinterpreting what has been best known for decades, even centuries as basic Christian dogma and even recent discoveries, archeological or documentary, have not, to my knowledge, been changed in any way as to affect the meaning therein. Something in the discussion that was a complete surprise to me was his assertion that the four gospels, Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John, were actually written by people of those names and that the scholarly work in the past showing these names were (somewhat) arbitrarily assigned, is no longer accepted. I spoke with another pastor I am familiar with who’s more of a scholar of the text and he told me that the other pastor is mistaken and that he should not be teaching his congregation things that are unproven and in this case, wrong. But that’s the way religion works if we think about it: if an interpretation of belief is considered to not be acceptable to the current cast of believers, just reinterpret it so that the dogma fits what people want to believe.

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