Why No Twitter Ban for a Progressive Hater?

I haven’t written anything concerning the death of Elizabeth II, mainly because beyond my condolences to her family and country, I have nothing to say. I really don’t know that much about her, and her service as Queen to her country. Most people living outside of the U.K. could probably say the same.There are, of course, those that must make some sort of rude and less than empathetic comment when anyone of this level of fame passes. We can look to Twitter to provide us with hours of disrespectful, even hateful tweets concerning a person totally unknown to them with the exception of something they may have read. Evven then, it’s best to check sources. A professor at Canagie Mellon went too far and pullewd down the wrath of thousands. Her initial tweet:

She continued with more that I won’t reproduce here. These tweets though caused outrage with even Jeff Bezos, CEO of Amazon who said, ‘This is someone supposedly working to make the world better? I don’t think so. Wow.’  Twitter later removed the offensive tweets. That’s right, Twitter removed them’ They didn’t bother, it seems to suspend or outright ban the offender.. I would bet that if this person were a conservative, they would have been banned within minutes. Why would she not be at least suspended? The article I read doesn’t say anything about it and gives no reason why Twitter would not close the account. It should be banned immediately. Carnegie Mellon should terminate her employment due to her actions having a negative impact on the university.

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