Looking at This: $, Not This: ✝️

I’ve been asked by Pastors and everyday Christians what it would take to restore my “faith”. I have to think about it because I’m not one of those people that claims to have been abused by any church or member, or that what I was taught was a total lie (some of my teachers were, in fact, true believers) and I could therefore no longer believe. As I’ve said before, it was a conclusion I came to over a long time that what I was being taught and what me and the people around me were practicing, had nothing to do with the Jesus of the bible and that the entire enterprise was nothing more than a con, or scam, depending on the point of view, to get people to give money, most can’t afford, to secure their place in heaven. I despise a con or a scammer(and yes, I’ve personally known a few) because the people most affected are those that live on the edge and really want to believe that giving a few dollars a week to some con artist will mean that they will be repaid ten times over. Someday. There are some true believers, I know a couple!, but they are fast becoming endangered species as the vast majority look toward, not the cross, but the dollar sign.

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