Another Embarrassing Week

In just 2 days, our president has not only embarrased himself, but our nation as well. First, he holds a “victory” celebration over the non-existent Inflation Reduction Act, which is currently not predicted to even begin to address inflation until 2033. In the meantime, it will add billions to our deficit. The embarassing part, or what should be is the inflation numbers came out on the same day and were worse than expected because core inflation (minus food and gas_ was higher and therefore the stock market took a break of nearly 1400 points while James Taylor was dinging “Fire and Rain”(a song about the suicide of a friend of Taylor’s). The next embarrassing optic happens now, at the Detroit Auto Show where Uncle Joe will be featured pushing the purchase of electric vehicles by, you guessed it, people that can’t afford the, In fact, Joe will be driving an $80,000 example of what we may expect through his “Green New Deal”, giving a $7,500 tax credit to purchasers which manufacturers have already adjusted their prices to take into consideration. Think the media will point any of this out? It’s too close to the mid-terms for them to spring any anti-democrat news on the publich but they keep forhetting we’re not blind, deaf, and dumb.

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