If Words are Violence, Whose Words Qualify?

What’d he say?

In case anyone is unaware, it’s the right-wing, conservatives, or Republicans that are the people to ve concerned about during this election season. These people somehow believe that they have rights that they are free to exercise and the violation, by any person or entity, of those rights should be punished by the very same government that are empowered to primarily serve and protect these very citizens. What’s worse are the words and phrases used by these self-referred patriots to stir up conflict amongst the American people. Classifying those that disagree with them as terrorists, insurrectionists, seditionists as well as calls to battle, a call to arms, even inciting Civil War have become tactics of the side that has claimed that words are violence. For some odd reason that is completely unknown to the general public, the Justice Department refuses to question and subsequently arrest these same people who call for lawlessness and disorder among the public. In all of these examples, it has been noted as Freedom of Speech even though that same right and freedom is not guaranteed to the side of hate and disruption. If words truly are violence, then we need to identify those most responsible for creating all of this violence.

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