Tim Ryan (D) Says ‘Kill and Confront’…’Extremists’

This guy is actually running, and may win, a seat in the Senate from Ohio. some years back, Tim Ryan was considered, by the media (heh) as a moderate Democrat and at one point ran for Speaker against Nancy Pelosi. But Nancy’s enforcers were way too much for Tim and although he never faded into obscurity, did take a background position on his party(Consider: Ocasio-Cortez, has wielded more power in Congress in her 2 terms than Tim Ryan has, ever.) . Now however, he’s jumped on the back of the totalitarian wing of the Democratic Party by echoing, to an extent what his Lord and Savior, Joe Biden, has to say about those that refuse to recognize the agenda, no, dogma of those who are now in charge of our country. Mike Lindell, you know, the “My Pillow” guy? Questions, to this day, the 2020 election and just recently was surrounded by the FBI to seize his personal cellphone. But Tim Ryan didn’t sign the subpoena, he hasn’t said that the people rejecting the 2020 election are “wackos” or just plain stupid. No he says that the U.S. needs to ‘Kill and confront’ the ‘Extremist’ Republican movement. GO back and read that again, “Kill and confront”. Notice the first word is “kill”. This is the Democrat party your parents never knew. These are totalitarians looking to change America into what they want it to look like and if you, no matter your race, ethnicity, religion, sexual preference, or anything else that might define you as a denier of the Democratic Agenda, disagree, Tim Ryan wants you killed. Think about this when you go to vote.

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