No Warrant? No Worry.

New rules for the selling of guns have just been published (H/T Parler) and accepted by the ISO (International Standards Organization). Usually, guns purchased in the United States have come under a code of “Sporting Goods”. No longer as they will have their own code, giving not only the seller, but the bank holding the credit card and of course, the government to private information usually only obtainable by a warrant. The justification for this code is to prevent any illegal sales, but who determines which sales are illegal by using a code? Well, the number of guns a person buys over a period of time could be used as justification but there are people that own multiple rifles and pistols, legally, and this rule would be a violation of the 4th Amendment for this information to be made known at a whim to any government agency. Another step on the road to gun confiscation.

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