Embracing, What?

Do we ever just get used to things going bad to the point where it doesn’t matter anymore and there’s no need to blame anyone specifically because, well, there’s probably nothing to be done anyway. tV host I watch sometimes calls this Embracing the suck. A much easier way to say what I just did, isn’t it? Even though inflation was a whopping 1.4% when Joe Biden took office and it’s 8.3% now, is this something we should blame on him and his policies or should we just get used to everything going up month after month and just make the appropriate changes to our lifestyles? Even though wages are rising as well, we’re still at a off, month over month and as long as it stays this way, it will become increasingly difficult to pay for staples, much less rent or even electricity (20 million behind on electric bills already) Let’s trade in our innate exceptionalism for the chaos we see in the rest of the world, including Europe. That’s the message we’re hearing from our elected leaders.

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