Monologist Blames Lack of Christian Values for Country’s Ills

Pete Hegseth of Fox New

It’s always bothered me when watching a news show and the host(s) somehow begin talking about their religious beliefs. Specifically, Christianity(what else?) O realize that during certain holidays it may be impossible to not hear something of this sort during the days or even weeks leading up to , say, Christmas day. Infact, I expect nothing less from any U.S. based news channel. Those are only a snapshot of the year. When a host begins a monologue taking up an entire “block”of programming , then I have a problem with what is going on. Do people tune in to hear some teleprompter reader nag them about the state of the country and that things are so bad because, you guessed it. lack of belief in god. Remember, we’re talking the Christian god here. I sat on my sofa, stunned, There wasn’t any indication of this host ( a replacement host) possibly meaning anything else other than what he was saying. The lack of church attendance, the lack of Christian belief, the lack of…it went on. It was similar listening to an old-time tent evhlgelist except this guy wasn’t screaming into the microphone. That would have been perfect, by the way. I wonder how many complaints, if any, the network received after? I would be curious to know. I did look today for the segment but I giess it hasn’t been long enough to post to the show site. When it shows up, I’ll come back and update this for everyone to hear.

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