Party Does Not Define Ideology

The wordsmiths on the left are always stuck issuing the same euphemisms toward those they disagree with ideologically. Those people they label “Republican” as if it were a label of shame and that all of those that claim to be Republicans are exactly the same. I don’t think anyone would necessarily. agree that allDemocrats are the same or all Libertarians. Choose your favorite political ideology and see if everyone that claims it, believes exactly the same.

I’m not a Republican. That is a designation of a political party membership. I have no such membership . I am a conservative and it’s easy for anyone to discover that about me by the name of this site.Not all conservatives are the same just as not all liberals believe exactly the same. As for political parties, there are conservative Republicans just as there are moderate and yes, even liberal Republicans. The same can be said for those belonging to the Democratic party.

So when someone calls all Republicans “Nazi’s” or all Democrats, “commies”, I tend to shake my head at these people using a broad brush to define something they clearly don’t understand. For instance, “conservative” to many means “Republican” when one clearly has nothing to do with the other. The same with being “liberal”. We all need to be careful in associating an ideology woith a political party because one isn’t necessarily a derivative of the other.

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