It’s Not ‘Lead From Behind’

Correct me if I’m wrong, but this seems to happen about once a week doesn’t it? Biden finishes some speech at a remote location, or even outside of the White House, and starts to wander around the podium, sometimes looking like he’s shaking hands with people that are not there. With the world sitting on a tinderbox, and all the sparks flying about, we need a leader that can at least pretend to be all there and speak succinctly when we need that to happen as well. We don’t need a president to lead us in a new war. We need a president to keep us out of any wars, period.

One thought on “It’s Not ‘Lead From Behind’

  1. The video of Biden signing the condolences book for the Queen has been edited.

    Biden enters the room, removing notes from his jacket, which he tucks under the book.

    The next shot shows him signing the book — and the notes are gone!
    The filmed this scene more than once, and this splice has a continuity error.

    Most of the videos have the entire scene cut out now, but when it was first broadcast, the editing was much more obvious.

    Why would it be necessary to splice two different tries of such a simple act as signing a book?
    Something bad must have happened.


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