11 Million Unfilled Jobs and We Still See…

Some years ago, maybe a decade, it was common to see people on Twitter holding a sign saying they have no job or insurance, maybe on welfare, certainly on food stamps, and to make it worse, a single mother of a 4 year old. I don’t see those very often but they do pop up and one of the things I dodn’t mention, that is on the sign, is the degree the person has and how much student loan debt they have.It’s always been curious to me that those seeking empathy have degrees in subjects where, aside from possibly teaching, a career path is not obvious, at least to me. So the person went to school, received a Bachelors Degree (minimum) in Fine Arts or Gender Studies and is now seeking empathy for their poor choices in life as well as complaining that they owe anywhere from $20-50K in student loans. What about those 11,000,000 jobs we’re told that for some reason go unfilled? I’m sure there are some that are not fast food clerk jobs. I think it’s possible that there are some people that won’t take a job because it’s not in the “career path” desired even though there might not be one.

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